A simple conversation can save a life.

Knowing the signs of suicide is important in helping someone who may be at risk. By offering your understanding, reassurance and support, you can help your loved one or friend seek the help he or she needs.


We offer a variety of services for individuals, programs, departments and student groups. OSU Suicide Prevention works in conjunction with many partners to implement the programs and services. The services we offer include:


The Ohio State University Suicide Prevention is involved in outreach and community engagement and encourages participation and support from the student community and wider public. Here's how to make a difference.

Living Life For Two

by Jacob Bruner (Sophomore, The Ohio State University) Suicide is not an easy subject to talk about, but I’m sharing my story with the hope of educating people about suicide prevention. This story is for those who have died and for those who survive. It is dedicated to my brother Mark and my family. It was July 2008. I walked down the steps of my brother Mark’s house in University Heights. I glanced back and there he stood at the top of the stairs smiling. He yelled something dumb after me … CONTINUE

Students, faculty and staff, as well as community members, can donate to Ohio State Suicide Prevention at GIVETO.OSU.EDU, fund 312040.