Office of Student Life


Outreach opportunities and program events are important to promoting a campus culture of care, increasing suicide prevention knowledge and advocacy, building connections, and fostering hope. As such, OSUSPP offers a variety of ways to engage students, staff, and faculty in our suicide prevention efforts.

The Ohio State University Suicide Prevention Program (OSUSPP) is involved with a variety of suicide prevention outreach events. Whether hosted at OSU by SPP-affiliated student organizations, held out in the local community, or programmed in collaboration with Student Life departments, academic units and university leadership, these annual events are important to increasing suicide prevention advocacy, building connections, and fostering hope. Click the links below to learn more about the RUOK? Day interactive mental health fair (an OSU Signature Event), Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Services' RECESS for mindful play, the Survivors' Day Luminary, and the Out of the Darkness Campus Walk.