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Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate Internship Program 

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ohio State University Suicide Prevention Program (OSUSPP) Undergraduate Intern for a semester of your academic career at Ohio State! OSUSPP’s mission is “to develop a comprehensive, effective, culturally responsive, technologically advanced and sustainable system of suicide prevention at the Columbus and the five regional campuses of The Ohio State University.” Successful applicants will be able to offer specific skills to help advance this mission, and also have a strong desire to learn about suicide prevention and OSUSPP administration. We also try to select interns who represent a diverse cross section of majors, backgrounds and student organizations at Ohio State.

Interns selected to join the OSUSPP team will have the opportunity to become campus leaders in mental health promotion and will work in a variety of campus suicide prevention efforts. Interns will develop skills in professionalism, mental health advocacy and administration while learning the true meaning of prevention. OSUSPP interns will serve primarily in a clerical role but will also have opportunities to develop leadership skills, academic/research interests and career goals through various outreach and programmatic work that supports the mission of the OSUSPP. Responsibilities of student interns include, but are not limited to, supporting the development of associate student organizations, creating and staffing outreach events, preparing suicide prevention gatekeeper REACH© trainings, communicating with staff/faculty/graduate/professional REACH Trainers, weekly staff meetings, social media efforts, marketing and others. Interns meet bi-weekly with the Assistant Director to develop goals and assess outcomes designed to fulfill the operational needs of the office and strengthen the intern’s academic and professional skills and interests.

To learn more about the internship experience, job duties and expectations, please read the Semester Internship Position Summary. The application opens in March of each spring semester, interviews are held in May, and invitations are offered for the entire upcoming academic year in June. 

Former Undergraduate Interns

  • Sara Franquesa-Guivernau and Elisa McClellan (Spring 2024)
  • Clarissa Bachelder and Hannah Tyre (Fall 2023)
  • Caroline Baker and Sarah Murray (Spring 2023)
  • Addison Wood and Lawrence Mazzoni (Fall 2022)
  • Grace Balzer and Nicole Brocious (Spring 2022)
  • Tori Abell, Abbey Campbell and Parishi Ganhdi (Fall 2021)
  • Benjamin Chiappone, Taylor Hazelwood and Erin Sullivan (Spring 2020)
  • Megan Arenschield, Nick Downing and Lily Powers (Fall 2019)
  • Casey Kaiser and Deepika Raju Nantha Kumar (Spring 2019)
  • Raghad Kodvawala, Mariyah Judson and Samantha Woodring (Fall 2018)
  • Julia Parker, Nadia Musleh and Sindhya Rajan (Spring 2018)

Current Interns