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RUOK? Buckeyes

What is RUOK? Buckeyes?

RUOK? Buckeyes is an anonymous interactive screening program designed to identify graduate or professional students at-risk of suicide and encourage them to get help. Made available through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, it starts with an anonymous and confidential online stress and depression survey that is evaluated by a licensed professional mental health counselor. Through a portal that ensures anonymous communication, participants receive a personalized written assessment. Participants are invited to correspond with a counselor online to ask questions and discuss concerns about treatment and resources. All contact and correspondence are anonymous, confidential, and voluntary.

  • Students who are at-risk are invited to dialogue with a counselor for additional evaluation and to discuss treatment options as needed.
  • RUOK? Buckeyes is an effective tool and the only online evaluation to demonstrate its effectiveness through research-backed data.
  • According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, students who speak with a counselor online are three times more likely to see a counselor in person and three times more likely to enter treatment.
  • Additionally, counselors say that 75 percent of students who get treatment would not have done so without first engaging with an interactive screening program, such as RUOK? Buckeyes.

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Are you concerned about symptoms that may indicate underlying anxiety, depression, substance, eating, or other issues?

Check out the wide array of Mental Health and Wellness resources at Ohio State. Or, if you need to consult with a counselor about your concerns, schedule a confidential Phone Screening and receive a clinical recommendation on how to access support.